Tracy Subisak was born and raised in the flatlands of Ohio and studied industrial design at the University of Cincinnati. She has design experience over a vast variety of products from soft goods to consumer electronics, having worked with companies such as Priority Designs, One and Company, Smart Design, Design Continuum Seoul, PEGA Design, and Intel Corporation. 

It was through her design work that she discovered a passion for visual storytelling. Being able to show how things work, evoke a reaction or curiosity, allow others to see possibilities have been a huge drive for her. 

Tracy will make her debut as a picture-book illustrator with SHAWN LOVES SHARKS by Curtis Manley (Roaring Brook, 2016) and CY MAKES A FRIEND by Ann Marie Stephens (Boyds Mills, 2017). 

Tracy currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and can often be found traveling the world. She is fond of hiking, bacon, monster sounds, and high-fives!